Welcome to Claire Bliss, holding her first exhibition in our Gallery.  This show is a selection of her 2D work, including pencil/pen drawings, paintings and photographs.

Five works included are pieces that Claire was commissioned to create for ‘The Luton Fun Palace’ – an event in Luton a couple of years back; three of which are of buildings around Luton. Claire tried to incorporate lots of different elements of Luton into them, for example in ‘Treasures Uncovered’ parts of it are based on a derelict building that caught her eye while she wandered round town taking photos and getting ideas, and also includes some tiles inspired by those she saw on the walls of a supermarket that was being renovated. In ‘Fragmented History’, ClaireI was inspired by some broken windows – by the distortions and reflections in them – she thought it would be interesting to ‘capture’ an old building from Luton reflected in the window – upon doing some research she discovered a beautiful old library that was sadly demolished years ago – so decided to represent this forgotten building. Finally ‘Luton’s Sacred Triangle’ brings together three different faiths, and places of worship around the town – integrating them and connecting them as one and as equals.

Claire’s influences are varied; for 2D work she is inspired by M.C.Escher, Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall. She loves colour, nature and patterns, and tends to be inspired on a daily basis as she goes about her life. Anything out of the ordinary fascinates her; she likes to spend time in junk shops and is intrigued by different cultures.

Throughout Claire’s life she has always been intensely passionate about what she creates, so it was inevitable she would go on to study it more in-depth after school. She completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design, at Bedford College, specialising in 3D Design; after finishing this she went on to do a HND in 3D Design there as well, these courses giving her a solid basis and the knowledge of materials that she needed in order to continue developing her work. Claire then went on to study Fine and Applied Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University where she revelled in experimenting with many different materials, going on to specialise in the combination of glass and ceramics – it fascinated her to see how these materials reacted with each other and how she could push the boundaries.

Claire graduated a few years ago and since then has been continuing her practise, focusing more on the 2D element of her work, as she has yet to gain access to a kiln. In the future she hopes to display her work more in galleries, work on projects with people in the community and collaborate with other artists.