Welcome to the Gallery to artists Nicola Smith and Jen Davies with their exhibition Spirit of Nature.  Nicola and Jen live in the same village and study together with Guy Scott and at Buckingham Art School. Nicola was an art historian before she began to paint. Jen painted commercially early in her career and has only recently returned to it.

Nicola lives at the end of a long lane.  Throughout the year she has been exploring it in all its changing moods (and hers). She also has an allotment and paints portraits of vegetables as well as of people. She usually paints in oils.

Jen uses mixed media ranging from ceramic paint and acrylic to ink and pastels.  She paints anything from pets to people.  Recently she concentrating on ‘Astral temples’, a visual connection from the natural world to the spiritual plane.

Nicola is a beekeeper.  Nicola and Jen have chosen to donate a proportion of any sales to Bees for Development. This is a small charity providing education and support for beekeepers in developing countries.

Church and buttercups by Nicola Smith
Silhouette ‘Brook by Night’ by Jan Davies