Welcome to the Three Hares Gallery to Corinne Cosford with her exhibition entitled ‘All Sorts’.

Corinne is a local artist who uses different mediums to depict a wide variety of topics.  These include world scenes, animals, buildings and portraits. With such a wide range of subjects, the exhibition title of ‘All Sorts’ is well-chosen.

Corinne had a passion for art whilst at school. On leaving she began painting in oils.  Having attended various evening classes and numerous courses, Corinne began experimenting with different mediums. Her main strength is oils, but she also likes to use soft pastels, especially for depictions of animals. She also paints in watercolours and pen.  ‘All Sorts’ demonstrates Corinne’s talents in a range of these mediums.

Corinne has three grown-up children and painted while they were growing up to fund her hobby. After retiring from teaching Special Needs students, where art played an important part, she has spent more time painting and seeking to improve and diversify her work in different styles.