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The Cowper and Newton Journal includes scholarly articles, notes and reviews on Cowper, Newton and their contemporaries, as well as more general articles from the 18th century.

The predecessor to The Cowper and Newton Journal was The Cowper and Newton Bulletin.  Published in 8 volumes from 2002-2009, it contained museum news in each issue as well as one or more full-length scholarly articles and shorter notes.   50 Articles from the Bulletin can be accessed here.

Volume 1

EditorialVincent Newey & Tony SewardVol. 1
Cowper and ConversationW. B. HutchingsVol. 1
'The Loop-holes of Retreat': Exploring Cowper's LettersVincent NeweyVol. 1
'The Contrite Heart': Cowper and George HerbertNeil CurryVol. 1
A Cowper 'First Edition': Sequel to an Auction at the MuseumDavid FreanVol. 1
Mary A. Favret, War at a Distance: Romanticism and the Making of Modern WarfareSimon ParkesVol. 1

Volume 2

‘We are all brother-journeymen in one shop’: John Newton as PastorDavid WoodVol. 2
William and Theadora: An Early Love AffairNeil CurryVol. 2
William Cowper, The Task, Book VI, ‘The WinterWalk at Noon’, lines 57-82W. B. HutchingsVol. 2
Bibliography: Critical Writing on William Cowper, 1980-2010Ashley ChantlerVol. 2
Book ReviewsW. B. Hutchings & Jonathon ShearsVol. 2

Volume 3

William Cowper and the Material WorldTony SewardVol. 3
Cowper’s Importance for George EliotJohn RignallVol. 3
William Cowper, ‘Hope’, lines 75-110W.B.HutchingsVol. 3
‘William the Conqueror’: The Friendship between William Hayley and William CowperLisa GeeVol. 3
Critical Writing on William Cowper, 2011-2012Ashley ChantlerVol. 3
Susan Matthews: Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois PolitenessLuisa CalèVol. 3
Simon Watson: An April-Weather Life: A Short Biography of William Cowper, PoetKate BostockVol. 3

Volume 4

Sincerity and Dread in William Cowper’s Conversion NarrativesMartha J. KoehlerVol. 4
Book review Richard Arnold - Trinity of DiscordJ R WatsonVol. 4
Cowper's Task: An Unexpected ReferenceVincent NeweyVol. 4
Editions of the Writings of William Cowper. An Annotated Bibliography 1960 - 2013Vincent NeweyVol. 4
William Cowper, 'On the Loss of the Royal George'W B HutchingsVol. 4

Volume 5

Lacemakers and Old Songs, in Olney and ElsewhereDavid HopkinsVol. 5
Lyric Sincerity: Cowper and the Sapphic HymnEmma C. Salgard CunhaVol. 5
Dr Nathaniel Cotton and the Collegium Insanorum at St AlbansRichard SternVol. 5
William Cowper and George Romney Public and Private MenJoan AddisonVol. 5
Mark Rutherford Recalls Cowper: A study of Some AllusionsVincent NeweyVol. 5
William Cowper, 'The Poplar Field'W B HutchingsVol. 5
Critical Writing on William Cowper 2013 - 2014Ashley ChandlerVol. 5
Neil Curry, William Cowper: A RevaluationW.B.HutchingsVol. 5
David Higgins, 'Romantic Englishness: Local National and Global Selves, 1780-1850'Helen StarkVol. 5
Jane Darcy, Melancholy and Literary Biography,1640 - 1816W.R.OwensVol. 5

Volume 6

Milton’s Elegy on the Death of W.B. Hutchings 4
Lancelot Andrewes: Cowper’s Translation
W.B. HutchingsVol. 6
William Cowper and William Mason: Poetry,
Politics and the Nonsense Club
Joan AddisonVol. 6
Byron’s Cowper: a Re-appraisalBernard BeattyVol. 6
John Wordsworth as Cowper’s ‘Cast-away’Tom ClucasVol. 6
Cowper, Slave Narratives, and the Antebellum
American Reading Public
Katherine TurnerVol. 6
Victorian Valuations of William CowperMalcolm HicksVol. 6

Volume 7

Volume 7 is available to view in its entirety  from this link 

Articles include
‘With what intense desire she wants her home’: Cowper’s Influence on Jane Austen by  Jane Darcy
Sam Roberts of Weston, Cowper’s ‘faithful attendant’ by James Brannan
Anne Brontë, William Cowper and the Pursuit of Individual Salvation by Kimberley Braxton
John Newton’s Advice on Marriage to John Ryland Jr by Karen E. Smith
An Echo of Cowper in Time of War by Vincent Newey
Book Review: John Bugg (ed.), The Joseph Johnson Letterbook by Kate Bostock