Felt Lace is an exhibition by region 5 members of the International Feltmakers Association. It was inspired by the museum’s lace collection and by the history of lace making in Olney and North Buckinghamshire.

Felt is the oldest form of fabric known to humankind, predating weaving and knitting. In Turkey, the remains of felt have been found, dating back to at least 6,500 BC. During the last twenty years it has experienced an exciting reinvention and become a world wide, artistic phenomenon.

Through a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, the pieces in the exhibition illustrate the versatility of felt and how it can range from something that is practical and hard wearing to something that is delicate and ethereal. Lacelike effects and gossamer thin materials are achieved through combining wool with other materials and fibres. This is illustrated in the range of wall hangings, vessels, and clothing on display in the exhibition gallery.