The Cowper and Newton Journal

Volume 7: 2017  will be available in July 2017

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  •  Editorial
  •  Articles

William Cowper and Jane Austen  –   Jane Darcy

Sam Roberts of Weston, Cowper’s ‘Faithful Attendant’  –  James Brannan

 Anne Brontë, William Cowper and the Pursuit of Individual Salvation  –  Kimberley Baxton 

 John Newton’s  Correspondence with John Ryland of Northampton  –  Karen E. Smith

  • Note

An Unexpected Reference to Cowper  –  Vincent Newey

  • Bibliography

Critical Writing on William Cowper, 2015-2016   –  Ashley Chantler

  • Book Review

John Bugg (ed.), The Joseph Johnson Letterbook   –  Kate Bostock

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