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‘With what intense desire she wants her home’ :   William Cowper’s influence on  Jane Austen  –   Jane Darcy

The emotional value of home for Cowper and for his admirer Jane Austen.


Sam Roberts of Weston, Cowper’s ‘Faithful Attendant’  –  James Brannan

Through his research of his ancestor, Sam Roberts, James Brannan is able to significantly correct some of the assumptions made by previous Cowper biographers, and provide fascinating insights into Cowper’s domestic arrangements.


 Anne Brontë, William Cowper and the Pursuit of Individual Salvation  –  Kimberley Baxton 

How Anne’s reading of Cowper’s work may have provided her with a means of working out her own spiritual ‘home’


 John Newton’s  Advice on Marriage to John Ryland Jr of Northampton  –  Karen E. Smith

John Newton’s practical and spiritual advice about the choosing of a marriage partner for a minister


  • Note

An Echo of Cowper in Time of War  –  Vincent Newey

‘God Moves in a Mysterious Way’ &  Vera Brittain’s  ‘Testament of Youth’

  • Book Review

John Bugg (ed.), The Joseph Johnson Letterbook   –  Kate Bostock

A review of John Bugg’s edition of a business letterbook belonging to Cowper’s publisher, Joseph Johnson, which contains five previously unpublished letters form Johnson to Cowper


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